Completely customize your pets collar! You get to pick your braid style, colors (choose 2) & your hardware. The collars are made from military grade 550 Paracord (made in the US) which is mold, mildew and fade resistant. Each collar comes standard with two metal D-rings and a side-release plastic buckle. Black metal hardware available as an upgrade.


The color options are endless (See our color page for all available choices). THESE COLLARS ARE NOT ADJUSTABLE, THEY ARE MADE TO FIT YOUR PET SO MAKE SURE YOUR MEASUREMENT IS ACCURATE!!! If you have any question on how to measure for your collar see our FAQ section or send us an e-mail.

Now sure which braid to choose? The Single Solomon, Cobblestone and Caterpillar foot are best for smaller dogs and cats. The Tire Track, Special Cobra, Ladder, Double Wide Solomon, Double Solomon and Lizard Belly are best for medium-XXX Large dogs.

Custom Collar's